TheToolbox_nightThe Toolbox is literally a rolling mobile extension of BRC Hardware. Hardware is about tools — Hardware needs a big toolbox on wheels! BRC Municipal Hardware Shoppe primary mission is to provide tools, materials, and skills as a public service to fellow citizens of Black Rock City.

When a person comes into our camp with a problem… our gift is fixing shit. Art, Art cars, eye-glasses, generators, vibrators, camps big and small, and even The Man himself we have fixed. Not every person or problem can come to visit our camp. The Toolbox is our chance to extend our camps gifts by bringing a mobile service for burners and their broken crap from X street to deep playa.

Besides holding tools and Hardwarians, The Toolbox will be large enough to provide rides for citizens and stuff across the city. Additionally, it is important to us that the rear entrance of The Toolbox is also large enough to accommodate ADA type access.

Thematically, the mirror held up to Hardware reveals we as a camp are the best tools we can bring to the playa.